Are you interested in knowing the top 10 things before you start playing fantasy games in India? That is good to know as you are in the right place. In this article, we have listed down the 10 things you should know without fail before you start playing online premier league sports in India.

These online fantasy games are also called Fantasy Premier leagues you play alongside real team games like cricket, football, Kabaddi, hockey, basketball, and baseball are a game of skill and insights. You can play online when real-life team matches like IPL, World cup, Champions League, or even local level matches are played.

These give sports fans and enthusiasts a chance to show their understanding and ability to prove their predictions about players are going to perform better than the others. Based on the field performance of real-life sports, the players are given fantasy points. Online players use these historical points as one of the measures to select their fantasy team.

You need to understand the sport and follow the game closely before you start playing fantasy games. There are many details of sports like individual skills, consistency of the players, and how they perform as a team or in response to external factors to name a few.

Based on the games you like, make an online survey of the popular league platforms available for you.

Understand how the chosen premier league platform works for the chosen game by understanding rules, charges, prizes, no of participants and many other factors.

Thus, these online fantasy games platforms give you a chance to prove your understanding and compete with other online players.

The 10 things about fantasy games in India

1. Legality

First, check if playing online fantasy games like fantasy cricket or any other fantasy sports is legally allowed in your country or region. In India, playing online leagues is legally allowed. However, some states like Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have banned these games.

2. Are you financially independent

All fantasy game league platforms are available only to those above 18 years of age or those who are financially independent.

3. Fantasy gaming platform for you 

Once you are clear about the sport for which you will be playing the fantasy premier league game, understand how different online platforms work and how they are rated by their subscribers. Some offer prize money with instant money withdrawal for every match to the winners of online leagues. Others offer goodies as prizes, joining bonuses or medals.

Choose the option with which you are most comfortable. You can choose from a large selection of platforms like Dream11, MPL, My11Circle or many others by downloading their apps from their websites and registering yourself after filling in the necessary details.

4. Rules of the fantasy gaming platform

Every fantasy games platform has some rules which differentiate them from the others. Some allow you to choose your team only before the game has begun. Other formats have team selection till the end of the first half of the game. Some allow you to add substitutes to your team. Some give double the points for your captain, while some rank all players. Some platforms restrict the players for a certain role in the team and there will be constraints based on that.

Hence, understanding the rules of the chosen platform is necessary 

5. Researching 

Researching to understand how the players perform in a particular format of the game is very critical. You need to understand the players you have chosen, and the players not selected for the team.

Matchups are a particularly important part of every sports team’s strategy to better use their team strengths and exploit the weakness of the opposite team. Understanding finer points like these will help greatly in predicting different aspects of a match and help you with your league winning.

6. Free-to-play or fee-to-play option

Which option you use is totally up to you. However, remember that if you are using the fee-to-play option, the financial benefits or losses follow if you win or lose the fantasy premier league.

It is therefore especially important that you have a budget set for how much you are going to spend in a week/month assuming that you will lose it by the end of that period. This discipline will prevent you from entering a gambling stage and losing your money. 

7. Mega League, minor league or head-to-head

There are plenty of formats of fantasy games that you could choose from – Mega league in which there could be as high as 10 million players; minor league in which there could be about half a million participants; head-to-head in which there could be a maximum of a dozen people in the contest. There are many variations depending on the platform. Also, the number of teams with which you could participate in the above formats will vary for each league.

8. Back-up & substitute fantasy players

In a real-life team game, a team of playing players line-ups for a particular match is announced in advance. However, this could change before the start of the game and substitutes could replace one or more players. Similarly, for the online league match, the team you are playing with must be modified after the changes happen to the playing team. Hence it is important to keep your back-up for the players and make timely changes to your team/s.

9. Number of teams to play with per fantasy games match

Every fantasy platform permits a maximum number of teams with which you could play for every format. For a mega league, it could be 20 teams or 10 teams for a minor league or a single team for head-to-head. Decide the number of teams you play with based on your confidence and understanding. A simple rule you can follow is – Lesser you understand the game and know the players, the lesser the teams you should have in your game.

10. Expert Help

Many provide fantasy games predictions and insights– Some are on social media channels like YouTube or Telegram. Some have their websites while others have apps for sharing their understandings and predictions. It is important to remember a few critical factors while using these expert suggestions:

  1. Are they updating information for every match?
  2. Do they consider all factors like players’ skills, track record, the effect of external factors like weather etc and how do the players’ human nature affect their on-field performance? 
  3. How have their subscribers rated their services?
  4. How consistent they are with their predictions?


  • Know your strengths and understanding of a particular sport before you start playing fantasy games.
  • Be clear on how much time and money you are ready to dedicate to playing any fantasy premier leagues
  • Identify and shortlist some fantasy sports platforms that suit your needs and budget. 
  • Make sure that their offering meets your needs and goals. 
  • Know their rules. 
  • Start playing the free-for-all games before playing the fee for all games.
  • Use expert help but take your decision.

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