Are you a sports enthusiast and want to know about the Top 50 Fantasy Games apps in India in 2023? In this article, we have researched and listed more than 50 Best Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) Apps available to you. We are sure that this listing will help you make better choices based on their offerings and your needs. 

Fantasy Premier Games or eSports Apps have become very popular in India in the last 10 years with online gaming players. Many Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) platforms are available to cater to this huge demand in India of 150 million plus people playing online fantasy leagues in India. This market is growing very fast at 30% annually and has attracted many new operators to this ever-growing field.

There are many Fantasy Premier league platforms on which you can play alongside real team sports including cricket, football, Kabaddi, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, handball and rugby. 

This form of gaming is considered a “game of skill’ as it requires a good understanding of the sports, in addition to expertise and knowledge of the teams and players’ performance. 

Fantasy players have been allowed to show off their understanding of sports and predict which players are likely to perform in real-life games by creating virtual teams while winning prize money and points.

Most of these apps allow you to make your Fantasy teams before the start of a match. However, there are a few who permit the making of the team in the second innings.

Sports also has greatly benefitted from these Fantasy platforms with sponsorship as well as improved coverage of these games and players. It has also created an employment opportunity for many in this industry that has quickly grown. Overall, it has been a win-win situation for all considered including the government which has benefited from the tax revenues from the winnings and prizes. 

Each DFS platform has different entry charges for the available contests, distinct rules and prizes, along with other restrictions like maximum participants per league match. You can download these apps for Android or Apple iOS operating systems from your mobile phone Appstore.

This blog is an effort to help you quickly identify the various online and popular Online Digital Fantasy Sports (ODFS) applications available.

Best Fantasy Game Applications in India

In this listing, we have considered only those Gaming Apps that provide Fantasy Sports contests as a part of their offerings. 

Also, note that this Fantasy Games Apps list is only for those real-life team sports and does not include any individual sports or board games or virtual games.

These apps are not listed in any particular order and this list is only a compilation of the top and best fantasy platforms available in India.

Fantasy LeaguesWebsiteGames:
Cricket (C)
Hockey (H)
Football (F)
Kabaddi (K)
Basketball (B)
Baseball (BS)
Volleyball (V)
Handball (HB)
Rugby (R)
Soccer (S)
Mobile Operating System
1Dream11, H, F, K, B, BS, V, HBAndroid
Apple iOS
2MPL, F, B, BS,Android
Apple iOS
3Paytm First Games, F, K, BAndroid
Apple iOS
C, F, K, B, BS, VAndroid
Apple iOS
5My11circle, FAndroid
Apple iOS
6Howzat, F, KAndroid
Apple iOS
7HiScore, F, KAndroid
8MyTeam11, H, F, K, B, BS, V, HB, R, SAndroid
Apple iOS
9PlayerzPot, H, F, K, B, BS, V, HB, RAndroid
Apple iOS
10Gamezy, F, KAndroid
Apple iOS
11BalleBaazi, F, K, B, BSAndroid
12MyGround11, F, KAndroid
13Real11, F, KAndroid
Apple iOS
1411Wickets, F, K, B, BSAndroid
Apple iOS
15MyFab11, H, F, K, B, BS, V, HB, RAndroid
Apple iOS
Apple iOS
17FantasyAkhada, F, K, BAndroid
Apple iOS
18Vision11, H, F, K, B, BS, HBAndroid
Apple iOS
19Fan2Play, F, KAndroid
Apple iOS
20Khiladi Adda
Apple iOS
21Kubera Fantasy, KAndroid
22MyMaster11, FAndroid
Apple iOS
23Twelfth Man, FAndroid
Apple iOS
24KhelChamps, F, KAndroid
25Fantasy Dangal, KAndroid
Apple iOS
27Choic11, F, K, BAndroid
Apple iOS
28Royal11, F, KAndroid
Apple iOS
30Famous11, FAndroid
31CricJam, F, K, B, BSAndroid
Apple iOS
Apple iOS
Apple iOS
37Halaplay, F, KAndroid
38LeagueX, F, KAndroid
Apple iOS
39Dubaibaazi, T, SAndroid
40KheloFantasy, FAndroid
41Adda Games, FAndroid
42Sportasy, F, K, BAndroid
43LoftLeague, FAndroid
Apple iOS
Apple iOS
4611Challengers, H, F, K, B, BS, V, HBAndroid
Apple iOS
47BatBall11, F, K, B, BSAndroid
Apple iOS
Apple iOS
49PrimeCaptain, F, K, B, BSAndroid
Apple iOS
50Sports Inning
51Fantafeat, H, F, K, B, BS, V, HB, RAndroid
Apple iOS
52Life11, F, BAndroid


  • A very wide variety of ODFS platforms are available in India.
  • Each of these Fantasy Gaming platforms caters to different Sports with Cricket being the most popular one.
  • They have different rules and points system. Most of these allow you to make teams before the start of the match. However, a few allow you to make teams even in the second Innings.
  • Identify and shortlist the fantasy sports platforms that suits your needs and budget. 
  • Make sure that their offering meets your needs and goals. 
  • Know their rules for the sports you are playing. 
  • Start playing the free-for-all games before playing the fee for all games.
  • Be clear on how much time, money and efforts you are ready to spend to play these fantasy premier leagues
  • Use expert help for Fantasy Analysis and Predictions but take your decision.
  • Read about 10 things you should know before you start playing fantasy games in India

We have taken ample efforts to ensure that this list is complete and accurate. However, if you feel that any changes are needed to this, please let us know on and we will make necessary changes after checking the accuracy of the same.

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